Python & C++ for Beginners - Vol.33 - 2019

Python & C++ for Beginners - Vol.33 - 2019

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Black Dog Media Ltd - BDM Guide Series | English | 2019 | 164 pages | PDF 144MB

Python is a fantastic beginner’s programming language that enables you to create tools, utilities, games and hardware controlled projects.

C++ is an extremely powerful, high level language that’s used to create everything from the latest games, to mobile apps and even the operating system on your computer or mobile device.

Python’s ease of use, while still being powerful enough to control hardware and execute complex algorithms, is what makes it such a great choice of programming language for the beginner. In this book we show you how to set up Python on your computer and how to get started with simple tutorials and guides.

Python Power:
Within, you can learn how to use the core selection of Python’s many commands and routines and create your own code that you can expand and improve on for use in the real world. We look at using variables, user input, loops, Python Modules and even Python graphics.

What do Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and thousands of programs and apps used daily have in common? They’re all created using custom libraries, software development kits, and C++. C++ is an incredibly versatile and powerful language, and while it can be complex, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to create amazing code, and greatly improve your job prospects.

Working With C++:
Discover how to install a C++ IDE and compiler, how to start coding in C++ and get to grips with elements such as strings, data types, user interaction, file input and output, loops and decision making concepts. This book is here to help you with your first steps into C++.

Code Repository:
We’ve also included a selection of the ten most utilised Python programs from our code repository. These programs are freely available for you to use, alter and insert into your own code. There’s code for creating random passwords, the beginnings of a text adventure, a hangman game and graphical utilities.


Python & C++ for Beginners - Vol.33 - 2019